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What makes InboxImpact special?

We care about you and your success.
In the impersonal world of the Internet many companies grow so large that they lose touch with their customers. InboxImpact cares



Email campaigns for businesses
Email marketing campaigns have a per-dollar return on investment that is higher than any other form of advertising.
Regularly communicating via email with your prospective and existing clients will guarantee your business an increase in sales and profitability at a fraction of the cost and hassle involved in other forms of advertising
Email advertising for the wellness sector
There’s a healthy idea!
Healing is transformation. It restores patients to their prime and establishes your medical services as central to the community.

Your facility gained trust and gratitude due to effort & expertise. Let it be known. Email marketing can strengthen your facility’s image, and improve your level of service.
Email promotion for schools

Email marketing will benefit your school. “How?” you ask.
It doesn’t take a marketing expert to work out that by keeping parents, teachers, and students informed and up-to-date about the goings on in your school, you are going a long way towards making them happy. Happy parents, teachers, and students are the building blocks of a successful school.

Email marketing for non profit organizations
Professionally run email marketing campaigns are a powerful means to advance your organization’s cause. Regular visits to prospective member’s inboxes brings you closer to their hearts than any other means of communication, and at a fraction of the cost of other direct means of communication....
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